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Dar al Zahra is a school for Iraqi orphans. It is a project of Al Anwar An Najafiya foundation, which is an NGO under the patronage of Grand Ayatollah Sheikh Bashir Al-Najafi (May Allah prolong his life)

The population of Iraq has suffered from decades of conflict, resulting in humanitarian catastrophes and a disproportionately large number of orphans.

Sponsor an Orphan's Education 2023-2024
Education can help orphans break the cycle of poverty, uplift their families, get better job opportunities, and build a better future for themselves. When you sponsor an orphan's education, you are not just giving them a chance to learn. You are showing them that they are not alone and that someone cares about them. Sponsoring an orphan's education is a way to change a child's life.
Results Celebrated, Fun Unleashed! Boys and Girls School Thrives at DAZ Mall

After eagerly awaiting their results, the students were overjoyed to finally receive them. With their hard work paying off. Boys and girls school had a blast at DAZ Mall this year It was a day filled with non-stop fun, activities, and incredible shopping.

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At Dar Al Zahra, our vision is to create an environment where children and teachers feel comfortable.

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Dar Al Zahra provides an aspirational learning environment where students, families and practitioners learn together in an atmosphere of

co-operation and tolerance. We encourage self-discipline, empathy, understanding and co-operation.

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