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Special Events

Final Exams Have Begun…

Good luck to all the students taking their exams! May your hard work and preparation lead you to great achievements and outstanding results.

Unveiling Brilliance: DAZ Science Fair

Step into the world of budding scientists and inquisitive minds as DAZ intermediate and preparatory students (grade 7-12) take center stage at their annual science fair. This exciting event showcased the wonders of scientific exploration and the imaginative projects created by these young scholars. From innovative experiments to captivating demonstrations, the intermediate science fair is a testament to the creativity and intellectual growth of these aspiring scientists.

The Inspiring: Sensory Room

The new facility, the sensory room, provides students with a therapeutic space to help them calm and focus themselves so they can be better prepared for learning and interacting with others. It is a safe place for these love-deprived students to grow as whole individuals. The room consists of a sensory wall, life skills section, a calm-down corner, messy art, exploring emotions, and a role-free play area.