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Frequently Asked Questions


How many students are enrolled at Dar Al Zahra?

We have over 900 students with the capacity to accommodate 1200. Our student body is split almost equally between the boys and girls.


How many of these are orphans?

At the moment, approximately 85% of our current student body comprises of orphans.


Do you provide accommodation?

We do not provide accommodation to our students at this time, mostly because it is difficult for single parents or guardians to part with their children.


Do you teach an English-medium curriculum?

No, we teach an Arabic curriculum as mandated by Iraqi law; however, we offer English language classes to our students at all levels.


I am planning to travel to Najaf. Can I visit the school?

Yes. Visitors are most welcome at Dar Al Zahra. If you are sponsoring a student at the school, a meeting can also be arranged with your child(ren).


Can I use my Khums to donate to the school?

Yes. Followers of His Eminence Ayatollah Sheikh Basheer Najafi may contribute their Khums towards the school.

Followers of His Eminence Ayatollah Sayyid Sistani may contribute a portion of their Khums towards the school through World Federation.


What can I expect once I have sponsored a child?

Upon sponsoring a child, you will receive a profile of the child along with monthly attendance, academic and medical updates. If you travel to Najaf, you will also be able to meet the child(ren) you have spon­sored.


How can I make a donation? 

Please visit donate page

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