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Vision & Mission

To create a loving, secure and modern environment to deliver an education that will help our children unlock their potential and develop into the next generation of leaders in our Spiritual Capital. 

There are all manner of theories on how people can successfully acquire and absorb new knowledge. But they have one thing in common: you learn and teach best where you feel comfortable. With state-of-the-art facilities and loving teachers, we are confident our children will learn and grow at one of the best learning environments in the Republic of Iraq.


It is not a secret that many of our students are orphans because they lost their parents to natural causes like kidney problems, which are a result of a lack of clean water and medical attention. By building an on-campus clinic with a stocked pharmacy and experienced medical experts, we are determined to ensure our children do not miss opportunities to succeed due to preventable circumstances.

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Educating children on empty stomachs is a fruitless endeavor. At Dar Al Zahra School, we strive to provide a wholesome and nutritious breakfasts and lunches everyday to all our students. We serve milk, fruits, and fish to ensure our children are getting all the nutrients they need to fulfill their potential.


Exercise is important for the body and it leads to improved concentration levels in the classroom. It also provides an outlet for children who deal with unbelievable struggles at home. It also helps develop important skills like leadership and teamwork. At Dar Al Zahra we have created state-of-the-art sports facilities, especially for girls, who normally do not get opportunities to participate in team sports.


English Language

In today’s global economy, proficiency in English can unlock countless opportunities. Whether it is working with foreigners or being able to access the wealth of knowledge and resources on the internet, being able to communicate in English is vital to our children fulfilling their potential.

Computer Science

At this pace, it will not be long before every sector of the global economy depends on computer scientists to function. By providing a strong education in computer science, we are determined to ensure our children do not miss out on opportunities to excel.

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